Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby, It's Giveaway time!!

     distressed ivory w/ chocolate accents

Little Avery asked me today... "Mom......, is it Christmas time around here yet?" 
My reply: "No, not quite yet"
Avery: " Well, they need to get crackin' ! "
Everyone could use a little somethin somethin during this drain your wallet, cry into your SPECIAL eggnog......I mean, giving, loving...season!
                                     black with w/ brushed metallic gold finish

 In celebration of the holiday season, I'll be giving away one of these babies ( 18" tall)....designed by you!! Perfect for your home for the holidays, or a( they'll never know) freebie gift!
These letters make excellent gifts! Available in any size, up to 36". Have them in your choice of colors, finish, and choose from a long list of fonts!

There are multiple ways to enter! The more you participate, the more entries you get!
Winner will be chosen at random Thursday night, 11/18.
1) Follow this blog.
2) Comment on this post, telling me how you would design your letter (details, please... colors, font,letter choice)
3) Mention this giveaway in your blog (w/ link)
make sure they state on the WALL that you sent them. For everyone you send, that does this, you get 1 entry.
5) Send friends to this blog, and have them comment that you sent them... each one will be 1 entry.

THANKS for participating!! Good Luck!

Ruffle booties, personalized onesies & tees.....yay!!! 


  1. White Letter L, and if possibly it have the word LOVE in black across the bottom x

    sorry I dont have a blog but will, send people your way Angie x

  2. No prob. Thanks Angie! You can enter on Facebook, if it's easier. :)

  3. Hello! I starting following the blog!!

  4. Hi! I would pick the letter "B" in 24" done in a butter yellow.

  5. Shared on my FB page! Stephanie James Bailey

  6. I think I'd get one-not sure the letter yet, but in white, with black antiquing on the edges. simple yet so pretty!

  7. M in Whackadoo Dark Chocolate & distressed. Cool idea!


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